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Be involved in the Hearth Trust community, and
enrich the lives of others as well as your own!

If you are interested in being part of the community of Hearth Trust, please contact us to talk about possibilities.   There are both voluntary and paid co-worker positions available. We are looking for people who want to contribute through a shared belief and vision, with a commitment to create a special community home, happy productive lives for those living in it, and a beautiful natural and productive environment.

The Team

The Hearth Trust employs a fantastic team of  co-workers who support and enable our supported residents. Several of our support workers also take on management and facilitation roles and everyone works collaboratively to ensure the objectives of the Trust are met.

If you are interested in joining the team, please send an email to the contact address listed below.

Volunteers & Interns


The Hearth Trust occasionally has space to host live-in interns for set periods of time. Interning at the Trust is a rich and rewarding experience, inviting the opportunity to share interests and passions (such as music, art, baking, walking, cooking, grounds work, reading), as well as developing real work experience, and taking part in the co-creation of an exciting new venture. Each intern brings something unique, and we welcome expressions of interest.

In addition, we also welcome volunteers on the land: with five acres, there is always work to be done—lawn mowing, weeding, creating and tending gardens, making tracks, and so on. While most volunteers live off-site, we may occasionally be able to offer more substantial volunteer live-in roles to people with particular skills and interests in what we are doing. 


Email us if you would like us to talk about possibilities!

I can think of a million phrases that I have used to describe to my friends and family what I have experienced on the other side of the world. But mostly, I just feel this big gratefulness that makes my heart soften and tears run down my cheeks when I think back to the people, the animals and the place that I have got to know.

 - Carla, Intern from Germany

Special place, special people. I'm so grateful to live and work there, and I feel so lucky for spending time with the three men! There I found a connection I didn't find anywhere. Thank you!

 - Jülia, Intern from Brazil


We have a saying in Belgium - "I fell with my bum in the butter". It means that you end up unexpectedly well and having good luck. That is how I feel after my experience. Hearth Trust wants to make a home for the men that are supported there but makes a home for so many more people in the community. And by opening the home to volunteers I also got to feel at home for the four months I ended up staying at Drummond. Four wonderful months that are precious to me and that I'm not going to forget soon.

 - Sanne, Intern from Belgium

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