Thank You to all our supporters

The Hearth Trust received no money from the government towards the purchase of the property, nor receives any ongoing government support towards the maintenance and development of the property.


The Hearth Trust is hugely grateful to the many individuals and organisations who have supported us through grants and donations of money, and through donation of time and professional skills.

Financial Donations

Towards Purchase of Property (2015)


Wellington philanthropists/business couple: $660,000  (name not published at donors’ request)

Infinity Foundation:  $100,000

Mr Leslie Chadwick: $18,000

Mrs Hazel Chadwick: $15,000


Towards Other Costs



Mr Willie Still: $1,000 towards general expenses

IHC Hutt Association: $1500 towards piano, table tennis table, garden equipment and materials



Infinity Foundation: $10,000 towards replacement of roof on cottage and $10,000 towards cutting down 23 large pine trees

Pelorus Trust: $5,000 towards purchase of two heat pumps and $1,000 towards cutting down 23 large pine trees


Harry Cook on behalf of Lyell Cook and Anne Martell: $1,100 towards art studio/workshop

Infinity Foundation: $6,000 towards the modification of the bathroom and access to it. 

Pelorus Trust: $3,000 towards the replacement of glass in damaged windows.


Pelorus Trust: $3900 towards purchase of washing machine, dryer and vacuum cleaner.

Donation of Skills

Paul Dentice, from Macalister Mazengarb, for legal services

Gary Denton, for accounting services

Sue Inkersell, from Third Arm Administration, for accounting software support

Kay Miller, for process facilitation and support

Rick Becroft, for mentorship and support

Elwin Burger & Mischa Saunders for website design and support

Cici Zheng from Aon Insurance

Nicholas Booth from Glass and Glazing

Terry Dennis from Security Electrical Electronics

Richard and Jason from Waterloo Maintenance

Thank you to all the other individuals who have contributed their skills, time and energy.


If you are interested in supporting Hearth Trust, please contact

Skye Chadwick, Chair of Hearth Trust. 


We would love to hear from you!